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What is Sex Like? – Is it Boring Or is it Bored?

What is so wrong with sex being boring? When sex is boring, ensure that you and your partner have some fun and do not always have to sit around and wait for sex to get done , try changing a few things to add some spice. This way, you will both be more interested in sex and have a better time in it. Is it a man’s fault, or is it something the woman herself has done? These are just some of the questions plaguing many men’s minds for many years.

Why is Sex with The Same Partner Getting Boring? Well, women are much more apt than men to get sexually bored with the same man. Some reasons for this include the fact that women tend to be more emotionally attached to their partners than men. If this emotional attachment wanes, so too will the sexual energy. Women also tend to be more sensitive than men and are more willing to change their minds about sex before having it. This also tends to make the relationship seem stale after a while. Another reason for men’s boredom with sex is the fact that it is not just the woman but is also the man who is the one who must put up with the sexual side of a relationship.

What do you do when the woman in your life is not the person you feel close to anymore? Do you look for a new woman to share your bed with? If you do, then you should not be surprised to find that the modern woman is just as bored as you are. The answer is no; it does not have to be the case.

You can do many things to make sure that your new partner in your life is interested in sex, and you have to try and change the way you think about sex to achieve this. For example, do not just believe that you can turn your partner into a porn star in two weeks and that the whole world will be looking at her in amazement. Instead, try and convince her to be a bit less predictable and tell her exactly what she wants and likes and then let her decide if she wants to try it.

Sex should not be a chore. Instead of making it the only focus of your relationship, try to get together with your partner occasionally and engage in different activities together. Plan a date night out where you both have fun and spend a night or two having fun. You could go out and see a movie or even go to a club.

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