About My Porn Addiction Story

This is my porn addiction story… It started few years ago when I started watching porn and I couldn’t spend a day without it. Masturbating was essentials like a dinner so I couldn’t stop doing it no matter the situation in my house, my mood or external factors. I was in a bad mood if I had to do other stuff and wait for evening to do the things I wanted. This addiction made me anxious, irritating and crazy person. I couldn’t communicate normally with my relatives and friends and one day, when my pc got broken, I almost committed to suicide.

My family found out about this problem and made my life a real nightmare.

So what did you do – you might ask? Did anything help you?

You know the saying – there wouldn’t be a happiness if one accident…

If you want to find out the happy ending, what helped me to overcome the addiction and become a normal person – let me know. Share your stories as well, we can help those who have the same issue and looking for a solution.